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Choosing a pediatrician is an important and personal decision and we want you to feel at ease with the care you and your child will receive.

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Presidents' Day

Monday, February 15

10:00am to 3:00pm

Urgent Care Only 


Memorial Day

Monday, May 31

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July 4th Observed

Monday, July 5

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Labor Day

Monday, September 6

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Columbus Day

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Friday, December 31

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New Year's Day

Saturday, January 1

10:00am to 3:00pm

Urgent Care

September 12, 2017 - Our patient portal is now open!!  Northampton Area Pediatrics offers secure viewing and communication as a service to patients who wish to view parts of their medical record and communicate with our staff.  Simply ask one of our front desk receptionists to request an activation code (413-584-8700)

Log in here... NAP MyChart Patient Portal

Northampton Area Pediatrics, LLP
DO NOT use the Patient Portal if there is an emergency.  Call 911.
For urgent problems, please call our office at 413-584-8700.

Patient Portal Policies and Consent

Proper Subject Matter:

  • Prescription refills, medical questions, appointment reminders or requests, routine follow-up questions, etc.
  • Sensitive subject matter, such as HIV and mental health, is not permitted.
  • Please be concise when typing a message.
  • All communication via the patient portal will be included in your permanent patient record.


  • All messages will be encrypted.  See Patient Portal Guidelines and Security for details.
  • We will not respond to emails directly.  All communication must occur through the patient portal in order to be secure.
  • Messages should be sent through the patient portal in order to be secure.
  • We will keep all email lists confidential and will not share this with other parties.
  • Any of our staff may read your messages or reply in order to help the physician that was emailed, similar to how telephone communication is handled.

Response Time:

  • We normally respond to non-urgent email requests within 24 hours, but no later than three business days after receipt.

Patient Portal Guidelines and Security

Northampton Area Pediatrics, LLP offers secure viewing and communication as a service to patients who wish to view parts of their medical record and communicate with our staff.  By agreeing to our consent form, you accept the risks and agree to the conditions of participation.

How does the secure patient portal work?

A secure web portal is a website that uses encryption to keep unauthorized persons from reading communications, information, or attachments.  The connection channel between your computer and the website uses “secure sockets layer” (SSL) technology, which encrypts information in transmission between your computer and the website.  Secure messages and information can only be read by someone who knows the correct log in name and password to log in to the portal site.  Log in names are patient specific.

What are the conditions of participating in the patient portal?

Access to our secure patient portal is an optional service that we may suspend or terminate at any time, for any reason.  If we do suspend or terminate this service, we will notify you as promptly as we reasonably can.  You agree not to hold Northampton Area Pediatrics, LLP, its physicians, nurse practitioners, or any of its staff liable for network infractions beyond its control.  You agree to the patient portal policies for using this web portal as stated in our consent form on the portal website. 

How can I help to protect my private health information and what are the risks?

The secure patient portal prevents unauthorized parties from being able to access or read messages while they are in transmission.  However, keeping messages secure depends on two additional factors: the secure message must reach the correct email address and only the correct individual (or someone authorized by that individual) must be able to get access to it.  Only you can make sure these two factors are present.  We need you to make sure we have your correct email address and you must inform us if it ever changes.  You also need to keep track of who has access to your email account; so that only you, or someone you authorize, can see the messages you receive from us.  If you think someone has learned your password, you should promptly go to the patient portal and change it.  We understand the importance of privacy in regards to your health care and will continue to strive to make all information as confidential as possible.  We will never sell or give away any private information, including email addresses, without your written consent. 







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