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Did you pay your co-pay at the time of service and now received a bill for an additional balance?  Was your child seen for a well child visit, your insurance told you that there was no out of pocket expense for preventive care, and now received a bill?

The health insurance industry has changed significantly over the past several years, which resulted in changes to premiums, coverage types, and out of pocket expenses.  Many employers are choosing high deductible plans, which have lower premiums, to offset the rising cost of healthcare.  This shifts the out of pocket expense to the employee once healthcare services received.

Determination of out of pocket expenses is a direct result of your insurance plan coverage and coverage limitations chosen by your employer.  Depending on your policy, some services previously paid in full may now carry an out of pocket expense to the member.  Services that may be applied towards your deductible include diagnostic laboratory services, such as a rapid strep throat culture or a urine culture, and in office procedures, such as wart removals, cerumen (ear wax) removals, pulmonary function tests, nebulizer treatments or laceration repairs.  The specific out of pocket expense and/or deductible is determined by your insurance carrier’s contracted rates.  Many employers offer healthcare reimbursement, healthcare savings, and/or flexible spending accounts.  These accounts may be in the form of a credit/debit card or may require submission to an administrator for reimbursement via check.  NAP accepts these credit/debit cards and will be happy to provide you with a receipt if you require one for reimbursement.

It is important to know the details of your individual health insurance plan.  We have dedicated staff that can give general guidance; however, every plan is different and driven by your employer.  Services covered in full under one plan could be applied to the deductible under another plan.  If you receive a bill from our office, please feel free to contact our office to discuss any concerns you may have. 

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