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September 08, 2016
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Back to School
Schools around the area have nearly all started back up and kids everywhere are getting back into the swing of classes. Hope you enjoyed the summer! One of the best things about the new school year is the fresh start it provides. Even if the last year didn't end as well, or there were problems in a classroom, the new year brings new classmates, new teachers, new environments, and new things to learn. This first month is a good opportunity to get to know about your child's new school environment, and if your child has a learning disability, and is on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) now is a good time to review it to make sure it is meeting your child's needs. 

If you have concerns about your child in school and feel he or she may have a learning disability, you can contact your local school district's special education office for information, or contact our office. Additionally, there is a LOT of information about IEP's at  In fact, the website has articles that cover nearly any topic or concern you might have as a parent of a child with a learning disability or attention issue. If you don't know what an IEP or 504 plan is, this is also a good place to start.

One more note -- if you still need to get that back-to-school physical completed, or your child needs to get caught up on the last few booster vaccines, please call our office (413-584-8700) and let us know. We'll find a way to get you in for a checkup, or a nursing visit to update the vaccines, or we can talk with your school to coordinate if need be. 

August 08, 2016
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To mark National Breastfeeding Month this August, we wanted to remind you of the many resources we have to support our breastfeeding moms in the Valley.

Lactation support for breastfeeding moms: Kate Bohne does an incredible job running our well-attended breastfeeding support group every Wednesday morning in our Amherst office from 9:30-11:30 AM. No appointment is necessary. Click here for more information and a weekly calendar. 

Local breastfeeding resources: The Pioneer Valley Breastfeeding Coalition has a ton of resources at their website. Please visit them for additional support group times and local and national resources on breastfeeding, as well as more information on the benefits of breastfeeding.

Donor Breastmilk: NAP is a drop-off point for mom’s looking to donate their pumped breast milk. Donor milk is often used for premature babies whose moms may not be able to produce enough breastmilk yet due to their own health conditions. More information here or at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast

We are fortunate in the Valley to have so many sources of support for our breastfeeding moms. It’s not always easy and there are many different solutions and suggestions for breastfeeding problems, so reach out if you need help. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

July 01, 2016
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Summer is here and mosquitoes are back. The best way to avoid those itchy bites, not to mention exposure to diseases such as Zika and EEE, is proper use of insect repellant. Take a look at this excellent article for information on a lot of the insect repellents that are available.

April 25, 2016
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This week (April 16-23) is National Infant Immunization Week! Vaccines are one of our most important public health tools to prevent disease and death in our young children. The Massachusetts Public Health Blog has a lot of important information here 

For more information on children’s vaccines, there is some excellent information at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Center ( and at the Centers for Disease Control ( )

April 05, 2016
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You may recall the news several years ago when it was discovered that rice and rice cereal had higher levels of inorganic arsenic than other foods.  Arsenic and rice were back in the news this past week, when the FDA made a proposal to monitor levels and enforce limits on arsenic in rice cereal. Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance but the inorganic form of arsenic has been linked to increased risk of cancer. Rice cereal had traditionally been one of the first foods offered to infants because it contains iron, an important nutrient for growing infants. NAP, however, has recommended for some time that infants get a variety of different types of foods or cereals when they start on solids, rather than relying solely on rice cereal.

Bottom line: While rice cereal can be a good source of iron for developing infants, it is important to vary the types of solid foods that infants get in their diets. Other good sources of iron include oat, barley, or multigrain cereals, meats, eggs, and leafy green vegetables. Infants can also get iron from recommended vitamin supplements. While you do not need to avoid rice products entirely, make sure to work in different types of food into your infant’s diet and don’t rely solely on rice for your infant’s nutrition.

For answers to many questions about Arsenic and Rice, visit the FDA page here:

The original press release from the FDA is here:

More information from the AAP:


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