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Integrated Behavioral Health in Northampton, MA

Our Integrated Behavioral Health Care Team is a resource that is accessible to NAP patients and families in Northampton, Amherst, Easthampton, Holyoke, MA and surrounding cities. Behavioral Health Clinicians provide short-term therapy including social, emotional, and behavioral support. Behavioral Health Clinicians also work collaboratively with your Primary Care Provider to promote child and family wellness and support around current challenges.

Our Mission

  • Deliver evidence based mental health treatment within the primary care setting.

  • Work with Primary Care Providers to ensure whole child wellness.

  • Provide patients and families with the resources and skills needed to resolve stressors/symptoms and improve everyday functioning.

  • Link families with community resources when indicated.

What We Do

  • Patients are referred for behavioral health treatment through the Primary Care Provider.

  • We provide consultation, evaluation and treatment planning for patients/families that are experiencing mental health challenges and/or behavioral issues.

  • We provide short-term, solution focused treatment to children, adolescents, and families to address mild to moderate mental health issues that can arise during development.

  • Collaborate with outside providers and schools when needed.

Who We See

  • Parents looking for support, developmental education, or parenting strategies.

  • Children and adolescents who may benefit from short-term support and skill building to address current stressors or challenges.

  • Patients and families navigating a new medical diagnosis.

  • Patients or families looking for a 15–20-minute consultation with a Behavioral Health Clinician during visits with your Primary Care Provider.

Please speak with your primary care provider for a referral to see one of our behavioral health clinicians.

Authorization to Release Behavioral Health Information – Two Way Communication