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COVID Vaccine Clinics and Info

Upcoming Vaccine Clinics

Book via your MyChart Patient Portal or call us at (413) 584-8700.

Dates to be determined. Please contact the office.

Scheduling COVID Vaccine appointments

Updated as of February 21, 2023

NAP supports the CDC recommendation that all children ages 6 months and up be vaccinated against COVID-19. While COVID-19 is not as severe in children as it is in the adult populations, it still causes infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in comparable numbers to other diseases in which we vaccinate.

NAP has decided to stop offering the Monovalent COVID vaccine for ages 12 years and above, in the office due to low volume of use. This Monovalent COVID vaccine is used for the Primary doses in the series meaning dose 1 and dose 2 for ages 12 years and above.

NAP is required by the state to order minimum quantities and we have been unable to use that amount in the 10-week period before doses expire once they are shipped. This leads to a large amount of wasted vaccines . By this age, most patients that want the COVID vaccine have had their doses already.

• NAP holds mini-vaccine clinics in our Amherst office every Friday. Due to demand, we are focusing on vaccinating our youngest patients ages 6 months to 4 years at these clinics and cannot provide boosters to older children at those clinics. Older children requiring initial vaccines or booster doses may visit some of the sites listed below to find a vaccination site.

• Covid vaccine will still be available at most regular well visits.

• NAP is offering the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Data has shown it to be both effective and safe in preventing COVID-19. The dose schedule for this vaccine is 3 weeks between the 1st and 2nd dose and 2 months between the 2nd and 3rd dose.

• We are once again partnering with the City of Northampton to offer this vaccine at their clinics. They will have both the Pfizer and Moderna brands. Please visit the city’s website for more information.

• If your child had COVID recently, they can still receive this vaccine if it has been 10 days since testing positive and their symptoms have resolved. However, our providers also think it is reasonable to wait 3 months since their infection since your child will likely still have good immunity during this period and therefore, they are not at as much risk for reinfection.

Clinic Information

  • NAP is currently holding mini COVID vaccine clinics in our Amherst office on Fridays. Please call us at (413) 584-8700 to book an appointment. We are also offering COVID vaccines at well visits.
  • NAP is once again partnering with the City of Northampton to provide additional access to vaccine clinics. Please visit their site for a list of clinics and to schedule your appointment or for more information contact or call 413-587-1215.
  • Vaccines are also available at local school based clinics and pharmacies.
  • To find other clinic options in your area, please visit VaxFinder.
  • VaxAbilities supports people with sensory, needle phobia, and/or other accommodation needs in Massachusetts to have the most positive and comfortable vaccination experience possible.

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