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Future Plans at NAP

Hello NAP Families,

As all of you know, we have been hard at work finding ways to help meet all the needs of our patients both in the short and long term. We are excited to make some announcements about the longer term changes that are going to be coming soon.

NAP is opening a dedicated Acute Care Clinic within our Northampton Office! In response to the ongoing need for more urgent care/same say sick appointments and the desire to permanently separate the “sick” and “well” parts of the office, we are going to reformat our approach to urgent care as well as our physical structure . . . and construction starts next week!! This is something we have been working on for a long time and we are very excited to officially start making it a reality. We have hired a phenomenal pediatrician, Dr. Kristin O’Sullivan, who has dedicated her career to working in the urgent care setting. She will work alongside our current providers in the acute care area, helping us to expand appointment availability and create an efficient and high value model of urgent care right within your medical home. The new area will be larger, able to flex to more or fewer rooms depending on demand and have an ADA certified entrance at the front of the building. Stay tuned for more information – we’re hoping to open this area officially in late winter!

We have also hired an RN to expand access immediately for Covid and Flu vaccine appointments. We are thrilled that so many of our families see the value in staying up to date with these vaccines – not only for your family’s health but to keep the disease burden in the community low. With pediatric hospitals overflowing already, we know that these preventive efforts going into the sick season will have a significant impact later. Please log onto the MyChart portal today to schedule your child for their Covid vaccine primary series, booster, or annual flu shot. All ages are welcome to book!

We are very excited to see NAP continue to change and grow in such positive ways.

Northampton Area Pediatrics