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School Shooting Tragedy

Hello NAP Families,

Like all of you, our hearts have been with the people of Uvalde, Texas in the wake of the shooting that occurred at Robb Elementary School last week. Unfortunately, these tragedies are becoming more frequent and can leave us feeling numb and disconnected at times. As adults, we feel helpless and at a loss for words to explain these events to our children. We want to reassure our children that they are safe and don’t need to worry about these things. However, we are finding ourselves in this uncomfortable position time and time again.

We want our NAP families to know that we understand that this is a difficult subject to navigate as parents and that there are resources to help. We have posted these resources on our NAP website for your reference. Please reach out to your provider if you have additional questions or concerns.

Be well,

NAP Integrated Behavioral Health Team