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Anjali Maticke, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Maticke.

Hi! My name is Anjali Maticke. I am a licensed mental health clinician and I joined NAP as an integrated behavioral health clinician in February 2021. Before coming to NAP, I worked at a community mental health clinic where I gained a ton of knowledge and experience working with diverse populations. Initially, I worked as an outpatient clinician and then moved to a clinical supervisor for the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative program. I eventually decided I wanted to pursue working sAnjali Maticke, LMHC.pecifically with children and adolescents which brought me to NAP! My graduate training is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with families and children. I also use aspects of mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in my work. I am currently pursuing additional training in anxiety disorders and would like to pursue a certification in kid’s yoga.

I have lived in western Massachusetts all my life. In my spare time I like going on walks, going to rock concerts, dance classes, and yoga. My favorite places are the beaches in Maine and exploring lighthouses!