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Diana Johanson, MD

Board-certified pediatrician

Dr. Johanson.

Diana Johanson, MD.

I am often asked if having pediatric training helps me be a parent.  And the answer is, “Yes and no.”  Sure, there are the straightforward medical issues that I don’t have to Google (or call the pediatrician!) because of the knowledge I have gathered from my career. But when I am with my kids, I am about 95% parent and only 5% pediatrician, and I feel the same as a anyone else out there when my child is sick or in the middle of a behavioral meltdown.  There really are no magic tricks or quick solutions. The amount of patience required to take care of these young kids is tremendous, so it is from this perspective that I try to bring my best advice and care to your child in the office.

I am a native New Yorker (although not a Yankees or Giants fan), but was happy to relocate to the Pioneer Valley to start a family. We are very lucky to live in an area that values children and that has so many things to offer families, across a wide range of interests.  We enjoy the Northampton Parents Center, the music of Hootenanny, the beauty of Look Park (especially the train and the spray park in the summer!), and Musante Beach.  There will be so much more to explore as our children grow up.  My children attend Ryan Road Elementary School: my son is in fourth grade and my daughter is in first.

I am also enjoying my involvement in the community as school physician for Union 38 school district (Frontier Regional High School and the elementary schools) and  the Northampton Public Schools.  My particular interests within the field of pediatrics include nutrition and behavioral health.  I also love working with the teenagers as they are finding themselves and transitioning to become young adults.

I love pediatrics because, although its intellectual dimensions involve science and diagnosis, its heart lies with children and families.  I am always impressed and amazed by your children and feel fortunate to be a part of your lives.


Memberships and Certifications


  • Medical: nutrition and preventative medicine, adolescent medicine, urgent care
  • Non-medical: piano, singing, art, photography, jogging