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Michelle Zima, LPN

Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Zima.

Michelle Zima

I began my career here 25 years ago when I rotated through here as an LPN student, back when NAP was known as KBB (or Kenny, Bissell, Bartlett).  I grew up in the hilltowns and my entire family is from this area, so I have had the unique experience of a long history of connection to the community through my family and through my work at NAP.  I have seen children come through NAP who are now having children of their own and who remember me caring for them when they were young.  My role at NAP is now as the Clinical Supervisor for our Northampton office.  I enjoy working with the kids and my coworkers.  They are like a second family. I like to be on my feet and moving.  There is such a variety of things that can be incorporated into the job that you never get bored.

I live with my husband and we have 3 cats.  I am interested in gardening and my mind is full of useless information about plants that I have acquired from my husband, who is a horticulturist. I also enjoy reading in my spare time.