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Robert Bissell, M.D.
Dr. Bob Bissell has been taking care of children at Northampton Area Pediatrics since 1980.  His kind and easy going demeanor has earned him the love of the staff and his patients.  His last day at NAP was June 30th, 2014.  Since then, he has published his book "Stock Market: You Can Do It!".  

About Dr. Bissell:
I grew up in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC and attended medical school in Richmond. During my pediatric residency in Providence, Rhode Island, my wife, Janet, and I decided we’d like to stay in New England, perhaps in a smallish college town. A friend, a Smith graduate, recommended Northampton and after one visit we knew this was the spot for us. We moved here in 1979 and shortly thereafter I joined Dr. Peter Kenny’s growing pediatric practice. As the years went by, the practice attracted more wonderful families and talented pediatricians.

Our practice has always recognized the importance of family, so much so that my two children felt welcome when, suddenly ill on days my wife and I both worked, they camped out under my office desk with books and toys while I was seeing patients.

After 22 years, I was ready for a change and in 2002 I left pediatrics to pursue other interests. I wrote two novels which remain unpublished – so far. I ran seven marathons and spent lots of time indulging my love of the outdoors: canoeing, hiking, camping, biking, and cross country skiing. I became active in Broad Brook Coalition and the Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area. But by mid-2008 I had finished my second novel and knew I had no interest in starting a third. I wondered what was next and I gradually realized how much I missed pediatrics.

I felt fortunate that Northampton Area Pediatrics gave me the opportunity to rejoin the practice, to work with a fabulous staff and amazing colleagues, and most importantly to share with you the magnificent mystery of your children’s growth and development. Yes, I am thrilled to re-connect with families I have known for years – and at times I am nearly speechless when I walk into an exam room to greet one of my former patients, now a mother whose four year old is hiding under the bench, and then I wonder if my memory is correct, for I seem to recall the mother hiding in that same spot twenty-some years ago.

David T. Lyons, M.D.
Dr. David T. Lyons joined Northampton Area Pediatrics in 1995 and, for the next 18 years, dedicated himself to the children and families in our practice.  Prior to that, Dr. Lyons worked in the Newborn ICU at Baystate Medical Center, caring for sick infants and their parents.  Taken together, he has served our community for over 29 years.

Dr. Lyons will forever have the universal respect of his colleagues and the love of his patients.  His last day at NAP was October 31st, 2013.  Since moving to Florida, Dr. Lyons has been working for the Florida Department of Health seeing children from underserved parts of the Sarasota Community.    

About Dr. Lyons:
My interest in medicine was fostered by two family role models. My grandfather encouraged me to go to medical school and set an example as a caring, thoughtful physician. My father-in-law, a very hard working internist, was dedicated to his patients and learning. His life illustrated how rewarding a medical career could be. I was fortunate to attend the University of Vermont College of Medicine, followed by a residency and fellowship at Babies and Children's Hospital of New York.

My connection to Northampton Area Pediatrics began in 1984. During my first 10 years in Northampton, I was an attending neonatologist in the Newborn ICU at Baystate Medical Center. I got to know Drs. Kenny, Bartlett, and Schwab professionally in my role as the newborn medicine liaison to Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

I joined NAP in 1995 and have felt at home in the practice from day one. I work with a great group of dedicated people. I see children of all ages. Every day is different and challenging and I love getting to know my patients and their families.

Northampton is my home. You may see me around town, out for a walk or at the YMCA, where I am a regular swimmer. When I have the time, I like to get out hiking and canoeing. I enjoy getting to see my sons who each live within a few hours of Northampton.

Catherine Bartlett, M.D.
Dr. Catherine Bartlett joined Northampton Area Pediatrics in 1981, and for the next 29 years dedicated herself to the children and families in our practice.  She also served on the Boards of the Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Clarke Schools.

Dr. Bartlett 's last day with NAP was May 25, 2010. Since then, she has been very active in Global Health, traveling as a team pediatrician with Operation Smile to help transform the lives of children born with cleft lip and cleft palate. In addition, she volunteers through a non-profit, Shuarhands, to provide pediatric care in rural Guatemala.  Dr. Bartlett enjoys lots of time with her family and many grandchildren.

About Dr. Bartlett:
My husband Randy and I moved to Northampton with our 18 month old son in 1979, as Randy had accepted a teaching position at Smith College.  I took various jobs, working in the Baystate Medical Center Pediatric clinic, filling in at a private office for a pediatrician recovering from illness and later at the Cooley Dickinson Emergency Department.  In March of 1981, our daughter was born, and in August of that year I joined Peter Kenny and Bob Bissell to create the informally named “Kenny, Bissell Bartlett” or “KBB” Pediatrics.

Being a pediatrician is one of the best jobs one can have, and having the opportunity to practice pediatrics at NAP was a real bonus.  Medicine is such a fascinating field – always something new to learn, never a boring day.  But practicing pediatrics in particular adds an extra element of fun.  Whether they are coming in for a well-check or are in the office because they are sick or in pain, kids are wonderful. They will share their truest thoughts with you, tell the silliest jokes, and bare their souls.

When my children were young, we gathered around the dinner table each night, and they would always clamor for a “funny story from the office.”  They delighted in little tales of a child’s joke or a baby managing to soak my skirt as I examined his diaper rash.  Practicing pediatrics can be exhausting and is sometimes sad, but it always lifts up the soul.

I have been going to rural Guatemala since 2011, initially providing pediatric care to indigenous children living in extreme poverty in rural villages.  Since 2014, I have also been working to help these communities develop sustainable agricultural projects – which is also pediatric care of a kind.  With Operation Smile, I’m part of international teams of physicians and other health care workers who travel all over the world to provide surgery and to pass on skills to the local doctors.  Finally, our three wonderful kids have given us six grandkids so far.  I love being a grandmother!! As my husband says, if he’d known grandchildren were so much fun, he would have had them first.

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